Parent Encourager

Kim McLeod

Author, woman, mother, grandmother, parent coach, foster parent, encourager, child and youth counsellor



My name is Kim McLeod and  I am a mom, just like you!
I am also a real life grandma to two amazing girls 13yr and 6 mos (and so the name Grandma K)

My passion for motherhood started when my baby brother was born. My sisters and I cared for him, dressed him up and loved him to pieces.  Then life happened and my road to motherhood took a detour into ‘teen mom’ land with a side of youth addiction.   My daughter was raised primarily by my parents, I was a weekend mama and phone call aficionado.  ( these days it’s face time )

There was a journey beyond these events.  This was the journey through Guilt.  Guilt for all that I had failed as a mom.  Underlying that was Shame otherwise known as self loathing. These feelings, and their impact on my parenting were crippling.  It took hard work and time to learn new skills, insights and feelings- but it was definitely worth it!  I learned to love, grow and  find  a place of deserving to be a mom again.

Then the amazing miracles of guilt-free parenthood!

I became a foster mom!  Through fostering I got to mother 12 amazing children!  These children and especially my remaining son with complex medical needs, have taught me about the role of ‘being’ mom.  It is about being human, about being a human parent; perfectly imperfect and  who I am as a mom/ person.  Kids have soo much to teach us when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and learn.  Being guilty is not one of the lessons the children have taught – but was one I imposed on myself and it has been up to me to learn how to remove it – and I did.

This is the gift I want to help you find!

I’ve also learned a few things along the way….

My Professional Background

I began working as a coach in 1989 when I became a Life Skills Coach through the YMCA. I then worked to support persons with disabilities to live independently. I returned to school as an adult and graduated with honours as a Child and Youth Counsellor. This led me to work with youth in community settings, and in my home as a foster parent to twelve children. During my time as a parent, I completed my first published book: Wishing; Diaries of a Teen Pregnancy.

I also bring some specialized training to my coaching: Sexual Health Awareness, Addictions and Family Dynamics of Addiction. I am also a Certified Master practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

I regularly speak with organizations, service clubs and various media about parenting skills, needs and values.

Associations and Memberships

Member of the Ottawa Parent Educators Network – PEN

Member of the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors OACYC.

Member of the Ottawa Youth Sexuality Coalition.

Founding member of CoachVille.

Director of Programming 2004 – 2006 Ottawa Chapter of International Coaches Federation.