Parenting for Connection in a Digital Age

Saturday October 21
Time TBA EST  (4hr)/ Half day workshop  Location: TBA

A workshop for mothers who want to have a positive REAL TIME connection with their kids!

So much about Social media creates FEAR in parenting.  Secret Facebook profiles, Snapchat, porn, self esteem influences and Parenting for Connection in a Digital Age…so, so much more!

I want you to learn some new ‘life skills’ for this  world we are living in.  The Life Skills that keep you connected to your kids, keep the communication open and help you guide your kids to have some real time positive connections with you for life!

This workshop helps you parent for healthier connections with your child.  You will learn about simple social media dangers and how to parent for:

– How to set and hold limits you can live with
– media marketing and how it affects kids ( and adults)
– self esteem and social skills
– parenting with natural consequences
– bullying

-How you can make positive connections with your kids without the distraction of screens!

While you may not understand all the technical pieces ( and we will learn a bit about some) I know you want your child to be safe in their social media and use their best judgement.  That means we need to learn how to support them making choices.

As parents this is what we need to consider before we can even create solutions for these problems.
Here are a few skills we will learn about parenting – in a digital age.
– what kind of connection DO you want with your child?
– what words do you use or want to use to let your kids know you love them (even when you are freaking out)
– explore ways of supporting you sticking to the healthy boundaries you want
– craft your plan for increased personal connection in a digital age

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