A Day for Mothers with Daughters (ages 10-14)

(all female supporters welcome: aunt, sister, grandma, mentor)

Join us on Sunday November 19, 2017
Time: 9-5 ( doors Open at 8:30)

Location: PineView Golf Course

BONDING with your daughter never looked better!
I AM POSSIBLE - an event for mothers with daughters

You could spend $1,000.00’s on back to school supplies
Hundreds on clothes, phones or a spa day together
Maybe a dinner our at McD’s on the way home- $30

But the time spent together; learning, sharing, growing:  Priceless!!

Your full day will include:

dynamic workshops by local professionals
interactive activities that support your positive communication with each other
includes lunch
offers inspiration from unique guest speakers
exciting and creative opportunities for henna art, mom and me photos and mini makeovers



Tickets for mother with one daughter is $129.00 for early birds
additional daughter tickets are $39.00

Early Bird

” This day gave us some big moments to laugh together, reminding us that it is important and help give guidance on how to communicate as mother and daughter.  Thank you Grandma K, we look forward to this info home with us and practicing it everyday! ”  Mom

Proceeds from this day go to Hopewell Eating Disorder Centre, Ottawa. logo

This year we are focusing on ‘ Real Time Connections’, how to have heart to heart and face to face connections.
Check out our 5th year line up below!

Featured Speaker 

Kim McLeod, Parenting Connections

Kim is a lively and interactive presenter.
She will set the stage for the day with her invitation to ‘connect’ and guide you both through some lively and fun interactions and encourage you to …
– laugh
– love
– play

Together we will connect, communicate and build confidence in our relationships as mother & daughter.



Strong Orange – Self Defence by Janet Heffernan & Team

Strong Orange students are given the best tools for their physical, psychological and emotional well-being to prevent violence and the confidence and skills to respond if required.







Yoga  By Jacqueline Richards



In sharing the basics of Chakra systems, yoga, simple stress release movements, we’ll understand body awareness and respect for ourselves and others without titles, masks, or  stress. Adding the chair to the practice helps yoga principles accessible while working and studying offering mobility to move easily from as vertical to horizontal postures. Yoga incorporates postures using chairs and mats. Always, breath work and mindful mediation included.





Nia Dance by  Penny Lee Prevost


BE YOU: Nia naturally engages body, mind, emotion and spirit through joyful and playful movement patterns. Various levels are provided so the workout is personalized for your personal style.

Nia, a design system for sustainability of body. Through movement we find health.



‘Face Time’ Connections – by Kim McLeod

kim 2014
This is an interactive workshop to help you both connect, communicate and build confidence in your relationship

Bridging our relationships through real time face time.  This experience will help you both re-acquaint with each others body language and facial cues.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParentingConnections1/

Susie Shapiro Photography 
What better way to remember this day that a memorial photo taken by the talented Susie Shapiro.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/susieshapirophotography/








We have Henna Art for you and your daughter to lay with.
You will have the opportunity to explore creating loving symbols of love and respect for each other

hennaJune 2014 download 100

“It was awesome to spend so much time together so THANK YOU for  providing this opportunity…I enjoyed the ice breaker..My daughter rarely tells me what she likes, so it was just a joy to hear this from her”  Mom

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Early Bird

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